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10/01/2019 11:10

Sustainable diets from sustainable food systems

Hans-Christoph Keller Abteilung Kommunikation, Marketing und Veranstaltungsmanagement
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    Will Europe move fast enough? Tim Lang speaks at the Tieranatomisches Theater

    There is strong evidence that there is a mismatch between global dietary trends, population health and the capacity of planetary ecosystems to maintain themselves in a sustainable state. Food is one of the major drivers of negative indicators for non-communicable disease, healthcare costs, life expectancy, antimicrobial resistance, climate change (CO2e), water stress, biodiversity loss, soil health, and other planetary cycles such as for nitrogen and phosphorus. Europe has been a source of such data but has a food system which is so far too slow to respond to its own evidence.

    Our policy frameworks are based on 1950s thinking that we must produce more food. Policy modifications have been made, and continue to be made, but they are neither fast enough nor extensive enough. In this lecture, I will explore the scale of change that is needed, and assess whether there is the political appetite to change as rapidly as we should. The lecture will consider where drivers of change are taking shape at European, national and local levels. It will argue that there must be a multi-level transition if we are to deliver sustainable diets from sustainable food systems. This must be a cultural transition as well as an economic and supply transition.

    Further information

    Tuesday 8 October, 2019

    Start 19.00 o'clock (admission from 18.30 o'clock, entrance free)

    Tieranatomisches Theater, Philippstraße 13 / Luisenstraße 56, House 3 (Campus North), 10115 Berlin, Germany

    Please contact us for registration and further information:

    Philippstraße 12 (Haus 3).Langhans- + Gerlachbau, Tieranat. Theater (Haus 3)
    Room: Tieranatomisches Theater, Hörsaal

    More information:

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