Optimal customer service through artificial intelligence

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12/03/2019 15:27

Optimal customer service through artificial intelligence

Christian Wißler Pressestelle
Universität Bayreuth

    It is a common experience for company service centres to be confronted with unclear information from their customers. Spoken questions or complaints concerning the use of products and services are often ambiguous or even contradictory. This is the starting point for a new research project at the University of Bayreuth, which is being funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation to the tune of around € 655,000. In the future, artificial intelligence algorithms should be able to correctly identify customer problems and offer fast solutions.

    The "InfoFormulizer" project is being coordinated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski of the Databases and Information Systems research group. Project partners are the TIKI Institute for Applied Artificial Intelligence GmbH and Samhammer AG in Weiden, Syskron X GmbH in Wackersdorf, and REHAU AG+Co in Rehau. Together, the partners wish to develop a digital toolbox based on AI algorithms, making it possible to compare unclear or contradictory information from customers with documented descriptions of problem and solutions. This should enable service centres to offer customers fast, informal, and effective support.

    "Because the project partners involved have very different skills and service profiles, it is certain that companies from a wide variety of industries will be able to benefit from our results. “InfoFormulizer” is a pilot project that demonstrates how the results of current research in the field of artificial intelligence can significantly increase the service readiness and customer orientation of companies," says Jablonski.

    The Bavarian Research Foundation:

    Every year, the Bavarian Research Foundation advises on project proposals with a total value of over € 50 million. Since its establishment in 1990, the Research Foundation has approved approximately € 584 million for 914 projects. Together with co-financing from the Bavarian private sector, projects with a total value of around € 1.293 billion have been initiated. In addition, the Research Foundation awards scholarships for international cooperation between researchers or (post)doctoral students.

    Contact for scientific information:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski
    Databases and Information Systems
    Department of Computer Science
    University of Bayreuth
    Telephone: +49 (0)921 / 55-7620
    E-Mail: stefan.jablonski@uni-bayreuth.de

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    Economics / business administration, Information technology, Language / literature
    transregional, national
    Research projects, Transfer of Science or Research

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Jablonski (r.) and Dr. Lars Ackermann (l.), Department of Computer Science, University of Bayreuth.

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