AI research for practice - DFKI establishes branch office at the University of Trier

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03/17/2020 10:40

AI research for practice - DFKI establishes branch office at the University of Trier

Christian Heyer DFKI Kaiserslautern
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, DFKI

    The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the University of Trier are expanding their cooperation in application-oriented AI research. DFKI CEO Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger and University President Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel today signed the contract to establish a DFKI branch office in Trier.

    Future joint research will focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and business informatics, in the areas of Experience-Based Learning Systems and Cognitive Social Simulation. The new topics will be developed in the university research groups of Prof. Dr. Ralph Bergmann and Prof. Dr. Ingo Timm and will be affiliated to the DFKI research department Smart Data & Knowledge Services in Kaiserslautern.

    Strengthening the AI network and transfer

    Minister President Malu Dreyer: "Rhineland-Palatinate is an innovation state. DFKI is a leader in research on artificial intelligence. A branch office in Trier is a milestone for Rhineland-Palatinate and the region. We are expanding AI research and creating a powerful network. At the same time, the topic of artificial intelligence has the potential to noticeably change our life, our society, our work and our economy. Rhineland-Palatinate is particularly committed to the research and application of artificial intelligence, so that the well-being of people, society and the environment is always at the forefront. Artificial intelligence can be of great service to us when it comes to mastering urgent social challenges.

    Prof. Dr. Konrad Wolf, Minister for Science, Further Education and Culture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate: "Today we are making a groundbreaking decision. The cooperation between the University of Trier and DFKI, as one of the most renowned non-university research institutes in the field of artificial intelligence, brings great advantages for all parties. Together, the two partners can profitably expand their current competencies and position themselves even better in competition. Rhineland-Palatinate's medium-sized companies will also benefit from the transfer of knowledge, for example from research in the fields of ‚work 4.0' or 'AI in care'".

    Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel, President of the University of Trier, is looking forward to the cooperation with DFKI: "For the computer sciences in Trier, this is a further central cooperation component with non-university research institutions. In this way, we are strengthening the transfer of research results into practical, beneficial applications in the important future topic of artificial intelligence".

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel, site head of DFKI in Kaiserslautern and scientific director of the Research Department Smart Data & Knowledge Services: "With the establishment of the DFKI branch office, we are intensifying our long-standing contacts with the University of Trier and the working groups of our internationally renowned colleagues Bergmann and Timm and expanding our research spectrum by two relevant AI topics with promising potential for practical application".

    Intelligent methods for the management of the future

    On the basis of the combined competences, research will be conducted on how AI, based on experience, can be used as a learning system to overcome problems. "The combination of approaches from Case-Based Reasoning with Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods holds enormous potential for intelligent process management," says Prof. Ralph Bergmann. Application examples are flexible work and production processes in trade and industry, but also decision support in data protection law.

    In the field of cognitive social systems, research focuses on processes for care, production and logistics, but also for public safety. These should be designed in such a way that the human being as customer or service provider is actively involved in the planning and later in the execution. Prof. Dr. Ingo Timm also emphasizes the new perspectives for young scientists: "The cooperation gives our students the opportunity to work on practical AI research projects, for example by writing their final theses, and thus to gain valuable experience for their own professional careers.“

    Press contact:

    Christian Heyer
    Head of Corporate Communications
    DFKI Kaiserslautern
    Tel.: +49 (0)631 205 75 1710

    Jasmin Schwarzenbart
    Communication & Marketing
    Universität Trier
    Tel.: +49 651 201-4239

    More information: Die PM auf Homepage der Universität Trier

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