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04/14/2021 16:43

Launch of Transatlantic AI eXchange - A new German-US platform for advancing and harnessing AI disruption

Reinhard Karger M.A. DFKI Saarbrücken
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH, DFKI

    The opening event of the German-American Innovation Week 2021 “Sharing AI Knowledge and Harnessing the Future of Innovation in a German-US Partnership” marks the kick-off of the Transatlantic AI eXchange. The Transatlantic AI eXchange is a platform that aims at accelerating and expanding the global economic, social and academic leadership of the US and Germany in the human-machine economy. The launch event will take place as a Fireside Chat on Monday April 19th from 10-11am PDT (7-8pm CEST).

    Santa Clara, USA; Hamburg, Germany, April 14, 2021

    Through webinars, workshops, conferences and one-to-one coachings, the Transatlantic AI eXchange fosters exchange on AI and creates the grounds for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and policymakers to build long-term partnerships. Thereby, the Transatlantic AI eXchange supports the ambitions of the German government's $6 billion "AI made in Germany" strategy and the US calls for "techno-democracies" (as distinct from "techno-autocracies") to join forces globally.

    “The race for leadership in new technologies and the question of how and to what ends we use these will define the 21st century. The US and Germany/the EU must align our strengths to ensure that our democratic take on things find their rightful place in the international framework that will govern tomorrow’s world. The new Transatlantic AI eXchange Platform is a fabulous contribution in this endeavor.” says Hans-Ulrich Suedbeck, German Consul General in San Francisco, who hailed the launch of the Transatlantic AI eXchange as a platform to help align the US and Germany/EU to secure a democratic framework for tomorrow's world. Darion Akins, U.S. Consul General in Hamburg, shares this view, saying “The transatlantic relationship of the 21st century relies on scientific and technological cooperation. Today's innovative and emerging industries, such as AI, propel economies, bolster job growth, and improve the lives of people on both sides of the Atlantic. Through exchange with our democratic partners, the United States ensures that these technologies underscore our shared values. As President Biden says, we must see artificial intelligence as a chance to help lift people up, not pin them down. In this spirit, I very much welcome today's launch of the new Transatlantic AI eXchange Platform.”

    Further Testimonials regarding the launch of Transatlantic AI eXchange
    Petra Vorsteher, AI.HAMBURG; Co-Founder AI.INVEST; Co-Founder AI.FUND: “AI will have a fundamental impact on all industries. The new Transatlantic AI eXchange is a bridge between the AI ecosystem in the US and Germany to support acceleration and expansion of economic, social and academic leadership in the European economy, through collaboration and exchange of influencers from industry, research and government. We are proud to be a co-founder of this important initiative.”

    Thomas Neubert, Intel U.S. and Chairman of GABA: “The Transatlantic AI eXchange platform will accelerate the development and integration of transformational AI technologies across a range of industry and public sectors. The first in a multi-year series of public-private online/offline events will examine specific use cases for existing and potential applications of AI in critical areas, starting with sustainability and climate change. Future sessions will include cleantech, smart cities, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and more. We are excited to see that many leading AI experts offering their time, expertise and wisdom to support this valuable initiative.”

    Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, CEO, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, DFKI: „We strongly support the Transatlantic AI eXchange initiative for sharing AI knowledge. I’m convinced that the transatlantic cooperation will help the US and Germany to speed up AI research for the best of mankind by tapping into the potential of combining neural and model based AI. These hybrid AI systems will make AI results trustworthy and the AI decision process comprehensible and transparent.“

    Introduction of the Transatlantic AI eXchange
    The Transatlantic AI eXchange platform will be curated along trends and 'moonshot' AI use cases, with the aim of championing future transatlantic business and policy leaders in AI and addressing some of the biggest issues of our time: From empowering businesses and economies to use AI responsibly to restoring trust in the digital economy. From using technology to improve mental and physical wellbeing to mitigating climate change, feeding the world and building productive and sustainable communities.

    The first event titled “Sharing AI Knowledge and Harnessing the Future of Innovation in a German-US Partnership” will kick off German-American Innovation Week 2021 in Hamburg. The U.S. Consul General in Hamburg, Darion Akins, and the German Consul General in San Francisco, Hans-Ulrich Suedbeck, will be spearheading the discussions with executives and academics from UC Berkeley, AI Hamburg, DFKI and Intel:

    ● Olaf Groth CEO & Founder of Cambrian Futures, Professor at HULT International Business School, Professional Faculty at Berkeley Haas, Author
    ● Thomas Neubert Senior Director Datacenter Business Innovation Office, Intel Santa Clara; Chairman BoD, GABA
    ● Antonio Krüger CEO and Scientific Director of the Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI); Full professor for Computer Science at Saarland University, Head of the Ubiquitous Media Technology Lab
    ● Ingo Hoffmann Managing Director AI.HAMBURG; Advisor for the German Government in AI; Member Global Partnership on AI (GPAI); Expert for Bundesagentur für Sprunginnovation (SPRIN-D); Founding Partner AI.FUND

    The virtual event is for corporations, research institutions, and startups in Germany and the U.S. and will be presented in English. To register and learn more, visit:

    German American Business Association of California (GABA) - USA
    GABA, a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 in Silicon Valley, is an alliance of organizations, corporations and professionals with the purpose of strengthening transatlantic business. Strong ties to AI experts, corporations, SMEs and to the startup ecosystem and a track record in event management equips GABA to lead this project.

    AI.HAMBURG - Germany
    AI.HAMBURG, on the other hand, is a founding member of the umbrella initiative AI4Germany and is well connected within the thriving German AI ecosystem as well as the AI ecosystem in the USA, especially in Silicon Valley. AI.HAMBURG promotes knowledge-sharing about and broad application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular in business, politics and academia.

    German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI
    DFKI - Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz - was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1988. DFKI is the leading German research center in the area of Artificial Intelligence and its application. DFKI projects cover the whole spectrum from application-oriented basic research to market- and client-oriented design of product functions.

    About Innovation Week
    The U.S. Embassy and all five consulates are celebrating German-American leadership in innovation during the first-ever Transatlantic Innovation Week from April 19 to 23. The Transatlantic Innovation Week is a virtual program of events to highlight a range of themes addressing innovation from various perspectives, such as climate change, sustainability and the green economy, cyber security and even the role of entrepreneurial universities, AI, and blockchain.

    Name of Press Contact in the U.S.: Thomas Neubert
    Phone: +1 408 921 0074

    Name of Press Contact in Germany: Claudia Reyer
    Phone: +49 (0) 151 2011 9058

    Launch of Transatlantic AI eXchange - A new German-US platform for advancing and harnessing AI disruption, Fireside Chat on Monday April 19th from 10-11am PDT (7-8pm CEST). To register visit:

    More information:

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    Transatlantic AI eXchange

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