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Quality assurance through Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (scientific information service)

Guidelines for Good Science PR and Further Development of Quality Criteria:

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (scientific information service) participates in the debate about quality in scientific communication out of conviction. We are part of the cross-institutional working group "Guidelines for Good Science PR" of the Federal Association of University Communication and Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue).

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In 2016, the idw general meeting welcomed the revised guidelines and recommended that the bodies responsible for communication in the member institutions embrace the guidelines for further improvement of the quality of their work. This includes a checklist with practical suggestions. Both documents are currently available in German only.

In addition, Informationsdienst Wissenschaft organises workshops with corresponding themes, such as the "20 Years of idw" conference and the annual conference of the Federal Association of University Communication in 2015 and in 2016 at its own general meeting, among others.

Every day, our team invests time and energy in the quality assurance of published content. Although the content on our website comes from idw member institutions, responsibility for the content is with their press offices. However, we do this:

Selection of member institutions:

We carefully choose member institutions, whose press offices may feed content to the database. Our scientific information service is not a for-profit business, which aims to generate as much revenue with as many member institutions as possible; instead, we want to offer as much interesting science information as possible to our subscribers.

Training the press officer:

Each press officer is trained by us before he or she is allowed to disseminate content via idw-online - not only regarding the operation of the idw system (which includes correct rubrics), but also regarding the substantive requirements: All content must have a reference to science, be free of ads, and the sender establishment must be at the centre. "Ten Tips for Successful Press Releases" are available to press officers of our member institutions.


We randomly check the carried content. Formal mistakes, incorrect rubrics or content violations, such as the dissemination of advertising, are penalised by us. idw may terminate membership of an institution for repeat or flagrant violations. We review all requests that are conveyed to the press offices via the Expert Finder. The Expert Finder is reserved exclusively for journalistic research.

Price for quality:

We have implemented a positive quality incentive through the idw Award for Scientific Communication, which annually honours the best press releases of the year.


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