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21.04.2021 - 22.04.2021 | Freiburg

KTUR Startup & Innovation Nights

Within the framework of the project "Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine" (KTUR), the "KTUR Startup & Innovation Nights" will take place for the first time. On two consecutive evenings, universities, startups, companies and intermediaries of the Upper Rhine region will have the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange experiences and ideas on how the innovation network in the Upper Rhine region can grow and gain more supraregional attention.

Our mission!

We want to bring innovation actors together and build a creative and open network in the Upper Rhine region! We are looking forward to creative startups from the region, researchers interested in transfer, motivated students, networking intermediaries, innovation-focused companies and other interested actors who want to help push our innovation network.

Our panelists and speakers!

Our keynote speaker Gunther Wobser, CEO of Lauda, a medium-sized company in Middle Franconia and manufacturer of temperature control units, has completed an "apprenticeship year" in Silicon Valley. In his keynote, he reports on what motivated him to think outside the box, what valuable experience he gained and why he advises every entrepreneur to leave the "comfort zone" for a change. Last October, based on his experiences, his book "Reinventing: What SMEs Can Learn from Silicon Valley" was published.

Our guests on our panel on the first evening include the Lord Mayor of Freiburg, Martin Horn, who is committed to an innovative metropolitan region on the Upper Rhine and bringing Eucor cities and universities to the table. Michel de Mathelin, Vice-Rector and Professor of the University of Strasbourg, will explain how the research achievements of universities can become a benefit for society and the economy. Swiss company Endress + Hauser provides insight into how it collaborates with external startups and in-house "corporate startups" to bring new technologies and know-how into the company. The campus manager of the private, French Ecosystem Kilomètre Zéro (KMØ) in Mulhouse, Fabienne Buhler, shows how an innovation hub of startups, SMEs and academies can succeed on an old industrial site of 11,000 sqm. The Basel-based startup Resistell is not only among the top 10 of the Swiss StartUP Awards 2020, but also took second place in the Swiss Innovation Challenge in the same year. The co-founder, Danuta Cichocka, reports on the startup's future plans and tells us why the border triangle is the optimal location for the spin-off. The Foundersclub Freiburg has set itself the task of igniting a spirit of entrepreneurship at the university. The student initiative is committed to realizing the dream of one's own company with a colorful program of events and workshops.

Our startup showroom!

Our region is full of innovations and good ideas. That's why we are giving our regional startups a platform in three selected showrooms "Health - Life Sciences", "Green Tech" and "Human-Machine-Interaction" to present themselves here, to network with companies and to continue thinking together about the idea of an Upper Rhine innovation ecosystem. We are looking forward to entertaining pitches, new partnerships and creative ideas for the region.

Our KTUR workshops!

Of course, our KTUR partners are also represented at the "KTUR Startup & Innovation Nights". Four workshops give the opportunity to get in direct contact with KTUR networkers. We present our platform "Guideline GO", give the opportunity to get to know the creative projects of the Foundersclub Freiburg and to get involved in the student network. We dedicate ourselves to the topic of internationalization of startups and discuss with experienced companies how innovative thinking can be activated in SMEs.

Save the date and secure your ticket!

Join us on April 21st and 22nd, 2021 (starting at 5 pm each day) and mark the date already today in your agenda!
Note: The event will be held in English.

More facts and figures about the "KTUR Startup & Innovation Nights" can be found via the following link:

Hinweise zur Teilnahme:
The event will be held in English


21.04.2021 ab 17:00 - 22.04.2021 19:00






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