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20.09.2021 - 22.09.2021 | Müncheberg

Landscape 2021 - Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture - Online Conference

Landscape 2021 will bring together scientists from across disciplines with key actors to explore whether and how diversity and diversification can contribute to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture.

Promising approaches reduce trade-offs between high productivity and use of external resources, the provisioning of ecosystem services, biodiversity and soil health as well as robust economic perspectives, social justice, cultural values and recreational opportunities. We hypothesise that while diversification provides sustainable solutions at different scales, it is the landscape or territoriales scale where synergies and trade-offs between social and environmental objectives become tangible.

Conference contributions will include research from natural and social sciences, inter- and transdisciplinary approaches on topics related to the diversification of crop and livestock production systems across scales.

Sessions highlight the state of the art in agricultural landscape research and promote critical exchange on pathways to more resilient and sustainable agriculture. Each session will last 90 minutes and include 3-6 presentations (decided by session organisers).

27 sessions have been selected and are organised in six clusters:

- Cropping and grassland systems
- Farming systems
- Landscape management systems
- Public and private governance systems
- Food systems
- Cross scale systems
- Additional sessions

11 Masterclasses are organised, each will last 3 hours and host about 15-40 participants (prior registration). Masterclasses are interactive sessions to show, learn and discuss new tools, methods or emerging topics in hands-on intensity. They attract senior and junior researchers alike and are an excellent way to spread and test scientific ideas and to reinforce scientific networking. Conference participants are asked to sign up to one of the parallel masterclasses when registering to the conference.
Registration to the masterclasses is open until June 30th, 2021.

A special market place with participation of key actors will be dedicated to presentation and discussion of research products for utilization in practice and policy, such as apps, decision support systems, knowledge systems, new co-operations and the like. (Key actors include farmers, policy representatives and business developing solutions for practice, multipliers and journalists.)
Presenters are invited to book a virtual market place booth until June 30th.

Organisation of post-conference workshops is possible. These are scheduled for September 23rd, 2021.
Presenters of post-conference workshops can register until June 30th, 2021.

Hinweise zur Teilnahme:
Registration deadlines:

- Early bird registration ends on June 15th.

- Registration deadline for paper and poster presenters and for masterclass participation is July 15, 2021.

- Registration deadline for non-presenters is August 15, 2021.

For more details, please see the conference website:



Early Bird Conference Fee (Registration until June 15th 2021)
- Regular: 120 Euro
- Reduced: 60 Euro*

Regular Conference Fee (Registration until August 15th, 2021)
- Regular: 150 Euro
- Reduced: 80 Euro*

- Online presentation at the market place: 120 Euro (Registration until June 30th, 2021)
​- Organisation of post-conference workshop: 100 Euro (Registration until June 30th, 2021)

*The reduced fee applies to citizens from low and middle income countries according to World Bank list of economies.
For more information on fees, payment and cancellation, please see the conference website:


20.09.2021 ab 09:00 - 22.09.2021 19:00




The conference will be held online via
For more information, please see the conference website


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