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19.09.2022 - 21.09.2022 | Freiberg

International Freiberg Conference on Waste Gasification

Waste gasification offers an alternative to incineration and landfilling for the large quantities of mixed, unsorted, contaminated and challenging waste fractions, which are not suitable for mechanical recycling or pyrolysis.

In enabling the use of such carbon-containing waste fractions as alternative feedstock to conventional resources (i.e. crude oil, natural gas, coal) for chemical production, it has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the transition towards a low carbon, circular and hydrogen economy. Moreover, the integration of renewable electricity in gasification also enables a lowering of the CO2 footprint and facilitates the storage of energy in products. Despite this potential, numerous socio-technological-economical-ecological-political questions and issues associated with the development and project deployment of waste gasification remain to be answered/resolved.

The event focuses on the opportunities, challenges and developments in thermo-chemical conversion of a wide range of challenging carbon-containing waste streams into synthesis gas and/or hydrogen for chemical utilization.

Preliminary conference program will be available soon at

Interactive Conference Format:
• Training for Professionals – “Compact Course Chemical Recycling: Waste Gasification” (Optional Pre-Conference Event)
• Oral Conference Presentations
• Poster Presentations & Networking Sessions
• Breakout Sessions (interactive small group discussions focused on specific topics)
Conference participants will have the chance to attend a compact waste gasification training course (limited to 20 participants) before the start of the conference. Besides a welcome reception at the Terra Mineralia and the conference dinner at Reiche Zeche, the conference offers participants the opportunity for interesting on-site and off-site technical tours.

Technical Tours:

On Tuesday 20.09.2022, participants will visit the entrained-flow, fluidized-bed and fixed-bed slagging pilot plants as well as diverse bench-scale and laboratory facilities at IEC in Freiberg and learn about their applications for waste gasification.
On Thursday 22.09.2022, the off-site technical tours will include two waste treatment and RDF preparation facilities namely Becker Umwelt (Packaging/plastic waste sorting & RDF production) and AWVC (Municipal waste sorting & treatment for RDF production). Additionally, participants will also have the opportunity to visit Puraglobe (HyRest pyrolysis technology for used oil and lubricants recycling). Further information of the off-site technical visits are available in the section Technical Tours.

Hinweise zur Teilnahme:
The registration for the “2022 International Freiberg Conference on Waste Gasification – Syngas & Hydrogen from Challenging Secondary Feedstock” is now open.

To register, please select the participation group you belong to and fill out the registration form: Registration Form available here:

Each presenter/participant is responsible for making his/her own hotel reservation. For information regarding accommodation possibilities, please refer to the conference website under Venue. As accommodation possibilities in Freiberg are limited, we highly recommend that participants make their room reservations as soon as possible.

The conference will take place as physical event from 19-21 September 2022 in Freiberg, Germany. Onsite participation will be carried out according to COVID-19 safety precautions.


19.09.2022 ab 09:00 - 21.09.2022 17:00


Prüferstr. 2
09599 Freiberg


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Chemie, Maschinenbau


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Philomena Konstantinidis



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