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02.01.2007 16:17

600 sqm of microtechnology, advanced materials and manufacturing: IVAM joint pavilion shows ideas for new applications at Hannover Fair

Josefine Zucker Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
IVAM Fachverband für Mikrotechnik

    In 2007 again entrepreneurs and developers from all over the world will meet at the trade fair Microtechnology embedded in Hannover Fair - the largest meeting point for industrial micro and nanotechnology. From April 16 to 20, they will discuss ideas for new applications and present innovative products at the Product Market Microtechnology, Advanced Materials & Manufacturing. The joint pavilion is organized by IVAM Microtechnology Network.

    26 exhibitors have been so satisfied with Hannover Fair 2006 that they will join the IVAM Product Market again; in 2007 at least 14 companies will participate for the first time - amongst them CiS Institut für Mikrosensorik gGmbH. CiS will present micro condensation sensors for humidity tests of electronic devices, for example in cars. A development project of CiS are tactile sensors, which determine the geometrical characteristics of micro components and structures in areas that are difficult to access through vision, such as steep walls, edges and undercuts.

    An expert of machining mechanical parts of very high precision is the French company STEEC. STEEC offers micro engineering, wire cutting, laser cutting and micro drilling. Servometer Precision Manufacturing Group from the USA delivers precision components like electroformed nickel bellows and structural electroforms - amongst others for the United States Air Force and the Space Shuttle Program.

    If you want to reserve one of the last booths on the Product Market Microtechnology, Advanced Materials & Manufacturing, please contact IVAM. Katrin Manka (; Phone: +49 231 9742 7081) will be happy to receive your registration.

    About IVAM:

    IVAM is an international association of companies and institutes in the fields of microtechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials. At present about 200 companies and institutes from thirteen countries in Europe, Asia and North America are IVAM members.

    As the communicative bridge between suppliers and users of microtechnology products and services, IVAM brings innovations to market and creates competitive advantages via technology marketing. Furthermore, IVAM offers lobbying services for small and medium-sized enterprises, qualification and world-wide networking.

    IVAM - Microtechnology Network
    Emil-Figge-Straße 76
    D - 44227 Dortmund
    Phone: +49 231 9742-168

    Are you interested in news about micro and nanotechnology? Under > Public Relations you can subscribe to our newsletter MikroMedia, which is send free of charge via e-mail three times a year.

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