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04.10.2017 15:38

European Health Award 2017 goes to Gen-Equip project

Sophie Bartlett Pressestelle
European Health Forum Gastein

    The Gen-Equip project has been awarded the prestigious European Health Award (EHA) of €10,000 at the 20th European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG).

    Bad Hofgastein, 4 October 14:00. The Gen-Equip project has been awarded the prestigious European Health Award (EHA) of €10,000 at the 20th European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG). The project provides free, online education in genetics to health professionals providing primary care. The main aim is to improve healthcare for patients who have or are at risk of a condition with an underlying genetic cause.

    The EHFG presents the award in recognition of transnational projects that contribute to improving public health and healthcare systems in Europe. Clemens Martin Auer, President of the EHFG, explains that “the European Health Award honours initiatives which have made a significant contribution to addressing major challenges that European health systems are facing today. My aim is to transform great visions into reality in order to effectively improve the health of Europe’s citizens. Our Award perfectly serves this purpose by promoting cross-border cooperation and the development of sustainable & innovative best practice initiatives.”

    The EHA jury, made up of high-ranking European health experts, selected the Gen-Equip project for its high-level of innovation and its valuable contribution to training of health professionals in Europe. Jury member and President of the Forum of the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry in Austria (FOPI) Manuel Reiberg stated: "The advancing Europeanization of the health care system is an unmistakable trend. This is why projects with a strong focus on cross-border, European aspects are of utmost importance. This year’s European Health Award winner reflects precisely this, which is why we as FOPI are particularly honoured to support this project with the award.’

    Alongside FOPI, the EHA is kindly sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs (BMGF). Pamela Rendi-Wagner, Austrian Minister of Health and Women’s Affairs stated "Strengthening the role of primary health care to improve care of patients and in parallel to reduce the pressure on inpatient facilities is an essential element of ongoing health reforms in Austria and many other EU countries. Improving and expanding the medical expertise of primary care facilities as provided by the award-winning project is an important step in the right direction."

    Gen-Equip project manager Professor Heather Skirton: “Receiving such a prestigious award is a valued acknowledgement of the hard work that has been required to develop the learning resources over the past three years. Our project has already reached many thousands of health professionals and this award raises the profile of genetic healthcare and will help us to maintain the website and continue to update our materials to help more patients in future.”

    For more information on the European Health Award please contact: European Health Forum Gastein | +43 664 2444 998

    For press related quesitons please contact: Pressebüro, European Health Forum Gastein | +32 2 321 90 16 **** Notes to the Editor: About the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) Since 1998, the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) offers a unique platform made up of and for experts, policy makers, opinion leaders and interest groups from the field of health and beyond. The EHFG has developed into an institution which addresses, discusses and thus shapes current and future trends and developments in European health policy. The EHFG is supported by various bodies including the European Commission, the Austrian Ministry of Health and the Province of Salzburg.


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