IVAM joint booth draws interest: Successful debut for manufacturers of microtechnology components at CMEF in Shanghai

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03.06.2019 14:47

IVAM joint booth draws interest: Successful debut for manufacturers of microtechnology components at CMEF in Shanghai

Mona Okroy-Hellweg Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
IVAM Fachverband für Mikrotechnik

    A growing proportion of Europe’s microtechnology companies is set on China as a business partner. More than half of Europe’s microtechnology companies are active in the medical technology market. The CMEF, China International Medical Equipment Fair, is considered to be the largest medical technology exhibition in China and qualifies as the leading platform for components and parts of medical technology in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Huge marketplace for component manufacturers

    Therefore the IVAM Microtechnology Network attended the CMEF in Shanghai for the first time with a joint booth in mid-May to support suppliers of medical equipment to enter the market in China. The exhibiting companies were highly satisfied with the course of the fair not only due to organizational reliefs and service bonuses as part of cooperations of the joint booth. Alsothe placement of the joint booth and the quantity and quality of leads were praised by the international exhibitors.

    The companies from Germany, the USA, Switzerland and France displayed microcomponents made of metal and glass, 3D-Nanostructures, coatings and materials for biocompatibility, miniature motors and microfluidic systems for „point-of-care“-solutions.

    Session "High-tech for Medical Devices" attracts Chinese expert audience

    On the first day there was a special session for suppliers of medical equipment of the IVAM booth to introduce their respective products and technologies as part of the associated expert forum taking place during the fair. The session “High-tech for Medical Devices” was greatly appreciated by the Chinese expert audience.

    Digital innovations are omnipresent in China

    Representatives of networks and companies were especially impressed by the broad presence of digital technologies in Shanghai. Cash is pretty much immaterial in everyday life and service tasks, for example in hotels, are obviously carried out by robots.

    IVAM CEO Dr. Thomas Dietrich was highly content with the debut in China: “The process of the fair was equally positive for us and our exhibitors. For European and American companies it’s important to be able to rely on strong cooperation partners locally. Without material for the fair in Chinese or the help of translators it’s difficult to establish business contacts successfully.”

    A repetition of the joint booth is planned for 2020 and some of the exhibitors have already arranged their renewed participation. Information regarding the participation can be found on the IVAM-Homepage soon.

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    The exhibitors were highly satisfied with the course of the fair which is considered to be the largest medical technology exhibition in China.

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