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10.06.2021 08:43

From the Distance You See Closer: Businesswoman of Bahrain Suzan Kanoo on Female Leadership in a Virtual HHL Talk

Eva Echterhoff Media Relations
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

    “Being a woman is a gift, but gifts do not come without challenges”, says Suzan Kanoo, Arab Businesswoman and Author. In her latest book (Hear Us Speak) she reveals story after story by presenting letters from a wide array of woman – the resiliency and the courage of human beings who flourish in the face of impossible odds. Silke Pettkus from Women@HHL at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management talks to her about her experiences and her new perspective and ideas of female leadership in a virtual talk today.

    In order to join the talk today from 6 to 7 pm, please register here:

    Suzan Kanoo is widely considered to be one of the leading businesswomen of Bahrain and has proven to be successful in many fields. After completing her degree in economics in the US, she joined the family business of KE Kanoo Group and was able to take the car trading business to new heights. Aside from her work in business and investment, she is a sought-after speaker at global events, a writer and poet, and active in volunteer work for refugees, visiting camps all over the world under the banner of the UN.

    Women@HHL is an initiative to provide a place for empowerment, exchange and personal development for all female students, employees and alumnae of HHL as well as other interested parties.

    Our offers include coaching, mentoring and various events on topics related to leadership, career opportunities and skill development to enable women to excel in business. We open up dialogues with executives to gain valuable professional and personal insights as well as food for thought. At the same time, we facilitate opportunities for our members to get in contact with successful and inspiring people to enrich their individual networks.
    Become part of the Women@HHL community and take your personal and professional development to the next level.

    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management recently received an award for its optimal promotion of startups from Stifterverband for the fifth time in a row. For years, it has been HHL's core mission to create excellent framework conditions for founders in Germany and, particularly, at a regional level. In addition to a broad range of courses in the fields of startups, innovation and entrepreneurship, HHL also offers a vast number of open formats to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the city and the region. Since the 1990s, more than 300 startups have been born out of HHL, creating more than 40,000 jobs. The ranks of successful companies founded with the help of HHL graduates include About You, trivago, Delivery Hero, IONIQ Group, Spreadshirt, Mister Spex,, futalis, die kartenmacherei, ELSTERKIND as well as SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator.

    HHL stands out for its excellent teaching, its clear research focus, its effective knowledge transfer into practice as well as its outstanding student services. The 2020 edition of the renowned Global Masters in Management Ranking awarded top places to the education offered at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management both in Europe and worldwide (2nd place in Germany, 23rd place globally). HHL was the first private German business school to be accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in 2004. The courses of study include a university-level, full and part-time Master in Management education in the form of M.Sc. and MBA programs, a doctoral program as well as executive education courses.

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