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11.10.2021 10:04

COMPAS research project aims to accelerate digitisation in industry

Maike Arnold Presse & Kommunikation
Jade Hochschule - Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth

    Jade University of Applied Sciences is a partner in the European research project COMPAS. Approximately 560,000 euros - funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - are now being used to improve industrial mobility. Prof. Dr. Tamara Bechtold heads the University's project group and is an expert in model order reduction, which forms the basis of the research project. This mathematical procedure can speed up calculations on a computer by a hundredfold - with the same accuracy.

    "Just a few years ago, innovative ideas were tested exclusively in practice. This was expensive, took a lot of time in development and required skilled craftsmanship. Times have changed with the use of computer models," reports Bechtold. Together with the researchers in her team, she is developing new types of compact models, known as digital twins, which are intended to make the ongoing digitalisation in industry more efficient.

    Digital twins are scaled-down versions of computer models. For example, they provide accurate knowledge about the condition of a machine and therefore perform very efficiently in predicting when its wear components need to be replaced. Since they are a simulated copy of the real component, the service life can be better predicted. This is summarised under the term "health monitoring". High-tech systems such as motor control in machines and electric vehicles, fully automated factories, intelligent infrastructures such as street lighting or power grids are good examples.

    These compact models can also be used when companies need to exchange data without having to disclose confidential details of their products. Among other things, they help to prevent industrial espionage. In addition, by shortening the calculation path, the compact models are able to perform calculations much faster than before.

    Project supports digitalisation in industry and electromobility
    Examples of specific applications in this project include intelligent lighting systems and autonomously driving electric cars. The results are to be used in the value chain of component manufacturers, system integrators, providers of simulation tools and services, data analysis companies and at standardisation institutions. In addition, the market orientation can also be extended to other industries. "The aim is to use the COMPAS results to create new business opportunities, to network related pilot initiatives beyond the consortium and to share the results with a wide range of target groups. The aim is to ensure that the results are appropriately aligned with German, European and international initiatives," Bechtold explains.

    COMPAS stands for "compact modelling of high-tech systems for health management and
    optimisation along the supply chain". Fourteen partners from Europe are involved in the overarching European ITEA project. The consortium combines the scientific competences of the academic partners with expertise from industry. In addition to Jade University of Applied Sciences, the German partners involved in the project include Infineon Technologies, Siemens AG, eesy-innovation GmbH, MicroConsult Innovation and Fraunhofer ENAS.



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