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23.03.2023 15:45

LINO23: Invitation for 635 Young Scientists

Wolfgang Haaß Kommunikation
Kuratorium für die Tagungen der Nobelpreisträger in Lindau e.V.

    72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: Record Number of Laureates Expected – Full Capacity Also for Young Scientists

    25–30 June: Physiology/Medicine as programme discipline #LINO23
    Key topics related to medicine: diversity, AI, climate change
    635 Young Scientists from 98 countries
    Two Lindau Alumni among around 40 Nobel Laureates
    Kick-off at the end of April with the Lindau Online Sciathon

    In research institutions and universities around the globe, 444 Young Scientists discover pleasant news in their mailboxes today: the invitation to the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, which will gather Nobel Laureates and Young Scientists in the field of Physiology/Medicine at Lake Constance in the last week of June 2023. The applicants were informed by the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, which thus successfully concludes this year's selection of participants in cooperation with its Academic Partners.

    In addition, there are 191 Young Scientists who also represented the discipline of Physiology/Medicine at the interdisciplinary 70th Meeting that was conducted online. They will now have the opportunity to experience the Lindau Spirit on site. This special atmosphere of the Lindau Meetings arises from the personal encounters between scientists from all over the world with each other – and with the participating Nobel Laureates.

    "The meeting of scientists from many countries, different cultures and several generations is at the core of the Lindau Meetings. We know from our Alumni that they take their time at Lake Constance home with them as an unforgettable source of inspiration, not least because of the global network they establish here," says Countess Bettina Bernadotte af Wisborg, President of the Council, describing the importance of the meetings.

    Nobel Prizes 1991 and 2022 for Former Participants in 1963 and 1986

    Participation in a Lindau Meeting usually remains a once-in-a-lifetime event – unless you receive a Nobel Prize yourself. Two of the Nobel Laureates contributing to the programme of the 72nd Lindau Meeting had this experience.

    Bert Sakmann, 1963 Lindau Alumnus, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1991. Since then, he has participated at twelve more meetings.

    And just last year, another Alumnus from 1986, Morten Meldal, received the highest scientific recognition: the Danish scientist is one of the pioneers of click chemistry and will return to Lindau this summer as a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

    "It is a great honour for me to welcome two Lindau Alumni to the circle of participating Nobel Laureates in 2023. This once again proves the excellence of the scientists selected for Lindau," emphasises Countess Bettina Bernadotte. "We also have the pleasure of welcoming a number of other Laureates in Lindau for the first time." From the discipline of Physiology or Medicine, these are Charles Rice (2020), John O'Keefe (2014), Thomas C. Südhof (2013) and Mario R. Capecchi; for Chemistry, Emmanuelle Charpentier (2020) and Frances H. Arnold (2018).

    Versatile Programme Formats

    In addition to the lectures and Agora Talks of the Nobel Laureates, the panel discussions with Laureates, Young Scientists and other experts form the programme, which is organised by the Scientific Chairs for Physiology/Medicine of the Lindau Meetings, Stefan H.E. Kaufmann and Klas Kärre. This year, current issues of diversity in science, artificial intelligence in medicine and the impact of climate change on health will be discussed. As part of the Next Gen Science Sessions, Young Scientists will be given a stage to present their own research.

    A very important aspect of the Lindau Meetings are the personal encounters between the Nobel Laureates and the young participants. This exchange is promoted by formats such as "Open Exchanges", "Science Walks" and "Laureate Lunches" as well as other social events such as the "International Get-Together" (host country 2023: Republic of Indonesia) or the Bavarian Evening. The final day of the meeting, traditionally held on Mainau Island including arrival and departure by boat, also provides an opportunity for personal conversations and discussions among all participants before the scientists leave as new Lindau Alumni for all continents again.

    Online Competition in the Run-up to the Meeting

    However, newly selected scientists do not have to wait until the end of June to become part of the Lindau Community. As early as the end of April, they can join virtually networked project teams and spend an entire weekend working on innovative ideas for medical applications: For the third Lindau Online Sciathon they are invited to a hackathon-type event. While Lindau Alumni submit project ideas, Young Scientists 2023 can register to work in the groups from 14 April.

    Participants at the 72nd Lindau Meeting:

    635 Young Scientists from 98 countries
    52 % addressed as “she”, 47 % as “he”
    Youngest participant: 20 years
    Oldest Nobel Laureate: Walter Gilbert, 91 years

    Media Accreditation

    Interested media representatives, journalists and bloggers may accredit for on-site coverage from April 2023.

    Images from previous meetings are available for download here.

    Wissenschaftliche Ansprechpartner:

    Contact Communications

    Wolfgang Haaß
    +49 8382 / 27731-26


    Weitere Informationen: Information for media representatives Programme Lindau Online Sciathon Next Gen Science Sessions #LINO23 Social Media Wall


    Nobel Laureate Peter Agre in a conversation with a Young Scientist
    Nobel Laureate Peter Agre in a conversation with a Young Scientist
    Christian Flemming
    Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

    The Bavarian Evening marks the finale of the meeting in the Inselhalle before the closing day at Mainau Island.
    The Bavarian Evening marks the finale of the meeting in the Inselhalle before the closing day at Mai ...
    Christian Flemming
    Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

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    Nobel Laureate Peter Agre in a conversation with a Young Scientist

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    The Bavarian Evening marks the finale of the meeting in the Inselhalle before the closing day at Mainau Island.

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