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07.09.2023 11:00

The Bernstein Conference attracts brain scientists from all over the world to Berlin

Heike Bräuer Kommunikation, Marketing und Veranstaltungsmanagement
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

    From September 26-29, international neuroscientists will meet in the facilities of the Humboldt University of Berlin and Charité to discuss the latest findings in Computational Neuroscience. This marks the end of an era, as the Bernstein Conference will move to Frankfurt am Main for the following years after several years in Berlin.

    Understanding the flood of electrical signals that the brain constantly processes is one of the central topics of computational neuroscience. Here, researchers use mathematical models and computer simulations to study and understand how the brain works. This can enable new medical applications, such as the control of artificial limbs.

    The annual Bernstein Conference in Germany offers one of the most important opportunities for international scientific exchange in the field of Computational Neuroscience in Europe. Whether physics, biology, chemistry or computer science: Thinking and researching beyond disciplinary boundaries has always been a special feature of Computational Neuroscience. Artificial intelligence is just as present as research into medical-biological principles that help to track down the functionality of the brain.

    The Bernstein Conference 2023 traditionally starts with the Satellite Workshops, where researchers will exchange ideas on selected topics. The subsequent Main Conference will be opened by Prof. Dr. Marlene Cohen (University of Chicago, USA), who will talk about how populations of neurons enable flexible behavior. Another scientific highlight will be the presentation of the Valentin Braitenberg Award to Prof. Dr. Nicolas Brunel (Duke University, USA). The prize is awarded every two years to scientists whose outstanding theoretical studies reveal the functional significance of brain structures and their neuronal network dynamics.

    Exciting lectures by international researchers as well as over 350 poster presentations not only invite scientific exchange, but also provide insights into the multifaceted historic premises of the Humboldt University of Berlin and Charité as the conference is spread across the classicist rooms of the Humboldt Graduate School to those of the historic Charité Anatomy.

    For all interested non-specialists, there will be a public evening lecture on September 27 at 8 pm. Prof. Dr. Fred Wolf (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) will take the audience on a journey to the origins of brains and the depths of the oceans and invites questions.


    Representatives of the press are cordially invited to the entire conference. Please register at the information desk with your press card. Interviews can be arranged upon request.
    More details can be found here:
    Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience

    The Bernstein Conference is the annual conference of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience. It has become the largest annual conference in this field in Europe attracting experts from all over the world.

    The Bernstein Network is a research network in the field of computational neuroscience; this field brings together experimental approaches in neurobiology with theoretical models and computer simulations. The network started in 2004 with a funding initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) to develop and interconnect regional research structures in computational neuroscience throughout Germany and to promote the transfer of theoretical insight into clinical and technical applications. In this context, computational neuroscience joins experimental approaches in neurobiology with theoretical models and computer simulations. The network is named after the German physiologist and biophysicist Julius Bernstein (1839-1917). After more than 10 years of funding by the Federal Ministry, the Bernstein Network consists of more than 200 research groups. Since 2016, the continuity of the network is sustained by the non-profit association Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience.


    Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience
    Dr. Alexander Lammers
    Press and Public Relations

    Tel. +49 761 203 967 87

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