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01.03.2024 12:37

IU International University of Applied Sciences opens its doors Germany-wide for its IU Open Campus Event

IU Press Department Presse + Kommunikation
IU Internationale Hochschule

    On 2 March 2024, IU will give prospective students and regional companies an insight into campus life at all locations

    • Gain insights: personal advice on study programmes and career opportunities
    • Meet people: Campus tour and exchange with lecturers and students
    • Experience knowledge: Participate in taster events and much more, in person or digitally

    IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is opening its campus doors at all locations on 2 March from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - for anyone considering a dual study programme or myStudium at IU, as well as for regional companies looking for potential talent. Staff, lecturers and students at IU campuses will share their experiences with visitors and give an insight into what it's like to study at Germany's largest university. They explain how theory and practice can be ideally combined in the dual study programme, what flexible options myStudium offers and how varied the learning experience is at IU with digital tools, virtual lectures and face-to-face events.

    In individual counselling sessions, prospective students can find out more about the career prospects that studying at IU opens and which study options complement each other perfectly. All campus facilities can be explored on guided tours. In addition to the informative part, various hands-on activities and competitions as well as snacks and drinks await visitors. Those who wish will receive a certificate of participation at the end.

    About dual study programme at IU
    The dual study programme at IU offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience in a regional company in addition to theoretical lectures and seminars. This model allows students to apply their acquired knowledge directly into practice, either in a weekly rotation or a split-week model. The theoretical part of the study programme can be completed in different ways: traditionally on-site at the campus, through online teaching or also independently of a location via our virtual campus. More information at

    About myStudium at IU
    The full-time programme with up to three professionally guided tutorials per week allows students maximum flexibility as it can be completed either on-site or virtually. What sets myStudium apart is the unique opportunity to change campuses every quarter and study at a different location. Through the integration of modern teaching methods such as videos, interactive scripts and the self-developed learning app 'IU Learn' in combination with small learning groups and experienced teachers from the field, students receive optimal support to study successfully and to meet their individual life situations preparing them optimally for the future working world. More information at

    Shaping the future with IU: study benefits at a glance
    • No numerus clausus: motivation is what counts here, not the grade point average. It is therefore possible to start your chosen degree programme at IU without a numerus clausus or entrance exam.
    • Study in small groups: There are no overcrowded lecture rooms here! Instead, the programme takes place in small groups and in a personal atmosphere, which makes it possible to ask questions at any time, actively participate and benefit from a greater learning effect.
    • Top-level quality: IU is a state-recognised and accredited private university. This recognition confirms the high quality of both the study programmes and the teaching.

    All locations and registration at:

    Link to images and information flyer:

    All information at a glance:
    • IU Open Campus Event, Saturday, 2 March 2024, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., throughout Germany at all IU study locations and virtually
    • Individual career and study counselling for the dual study programme and myStudium
    • Guided campus tours
    • Personal dialogue with students, lecturers and staff
    • Taster events
    • Competition and other cool activities

    Weitere Informationen:


    IU Open Campus Event 2024
    IU Open Campus Event 2024

    IU International University of Applied Sciences

    IU Open Campus Event 2024
    IU Open Campus Event 2024

    IU International University of Applied Sciences

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    IU Open Campus Event 2024

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    IU Open Campus Event 2024

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