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02.04.2024 12:12

Berlin Science Week 2024 - Join the Conversation - Science City Berlin Welcomes You to Dialogue

Dino Trescher Pressestelle
Falling Walls Foundation gGmbH

    The 9th Berlin Science Week will take place again in 2024 from 1–10 November in Berlin and online with the support of the Berlin Senate. Dr. Christian Rauch takes over as Head of the Berlin Science Week. Organisations and institutions can register for participation from mid-April. The festival programme will be published at the end of September. The Berlin Science Week Press Conference will take place on Wednesday, 23 October 2024 from 10.00 - 11.00 AM.

    With two central venues and hundreds of decentralised live and online events, the festival becomes an annual platform for the open and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge. Thanks to the support of the Berlin Senate and the commitment and cooperation of over 180 participating universities, research institutions, and partners from 25 countries, Berlin Science Week invites all citizens to engage in dialogue regarding science and society.

    "The Berlin Senate is delighted that the Berlin Science Week festival is taking place again this year and will bring together thousands of people from science, business, politics, art, and society. Inter- and transdisciplinary exchange is important in order to jointly master the challenges of our time - be it in the field of climate change, digitalization, artificial intelligence, or healthcare - to develop sustainable solutions and implement them for the well-being of us all. At a time when social challenges are becoming increasingly complex, science is proving to be an indispensable partner in the exchange and understanding of sustainable solutions with a high impact," says Dr. Ina Czyborra, Senator for Science, Health, and Care of the State of Berlin.

    Social dialogue on suitable solutions for the major challenges of our time is also central to the new festival director, Dr. Christian Rauch: "Today more than ever, we need cultural meeting spaces to discuss the major challenges of our time together - especially outside of our own filter bubble. The scientific perspective plays a key role here and should form the basis for our joint endeavors to find the right solutions. Unfortunately, we are seeing an increasing relativization of scientific evidence and facts." Christian Rauch studied at TU Berlin, earned his doctorate in physics, and has many years of experience at the interface of science, society, and culture. He is the founder of the State Festival, a platform that has been promoting innovative dialogues and collaborations between scientists, artists, and the public since 2014. He is now looking forward to further realizing his vision of interdisciplinary and socially relevant science communication.

    Dr. Andreas Kosmider, Managing Director of the Falling Walls Foundation: "Science, research, and innovation play a crucial role in Berlin's future. The prioritisation of such important networking and innovation forums as Berlin Science Week in financially difficult times is a strong signal from Ina Czyborra and the Berlin Senate for the Berlin of tomorrow. As an international forum for dialogue between science, business, culture, and society, we create space for inspiration, understanding, and the exchange of ideas. The challenges facing humanity are enormous, and in Berlin, we will find the solutions - optimistic, powerful, forward-looking - in the spirit of the falling walls."

    The festival programme will be published at the end of September. Further information can be found at


    Every year from 1 to 10 November, the international festival Berlin Science Week brings together Berlin's most innovative scientific organisations and their international partners. It promotes open and interdisciplinary exchange and is one of the largest science events in the world. It is organised with the support of the Senate Department for Science, Health, Care and Equality and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. The festival is coordinated by the Falling Walls Foundation gGmbH, which also organizes the Falling Walls Science Summit at the heart of Science Week, on the day the Berlin Wall fell. More:,

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    Berlin Science Week 2024
    Berlin Science Week 2024

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    Berlin Science Week 2024

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