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17.05.2024 10:22

First International Graduate of the English-Language Master’s Programme at the Bingen University of Applied Sciences

Jessica Pleiner Hochschulkommunikation
Technische Hochschule Bingen

    Illia Kremenenko is the first international student to graduate from the Computer Science master’s programme at the Bingen University of Applied Sciences. He shares his insights and has some tips for future students.

    Bingen-Büdesheim, Germany – In 2022, the Computer Sciences graduate programme of Bingen University of Applied Sciences (UAS), which was available to German-speaking students only, was switched to English and extended to all international applicants.

    Illia Kremenenko is the first international student to graduate from this master’s programme. Kremenenko is a 24-year-old Ukrainian who came to Germany due to the war in his home country. As his mother lived in Leipzig during the 1980s and shared fond memories with him, he was inspired to learn German at school. Germany’s support for Ukrainian refugees as well as the accommodation provided by a friendly family facilitated Kremenenko’s decision to relocate. He was looking for a university close to Mainz where he works. When he learned that the Bingen UAS offered a graduate programme in Computer Science, he seized the opportunity and applied.

    Although the unfamiliar educational system and multiple online platforms were challenging at first, Kremenenko swiftly managed to overcome the initial hurdles. In particular, he praises the assistance he received from fellow students and professors. He also appreciated the level of involvement shown by the professors who were open to explain concepts more thoroughly or provide help after lectures.

    Kremenenko fondly remembers cheerful situations among students, the opportunities to use free lecture rooms for studying and to join boat parties and barbecues. Future students should be prepared for a “rewarding journey at Bingen university,” he says. He recommends taking advantage of the university’s resources and support services. However, students should not forget to take time to relax and immerse themselves in the local culture “whether it's attending cultural events, exploring historical sites, or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the region.”

    The Bingen University of Applied Sciences wishes Illia Kremenenko the best of luck for his plans to experience new cultures and to pursue a career in Germany and abroad.

    The Computer Science Graduate Programme (M. Sc.)

    In the Computer Science graduate programme, students can obtain further academic qualifications after their undergraduate studies. All courses are held in English. The students may write their master’s thesis in German if they wish. The programme focuses on topics related to artificial intelligence and can be completed in three semesters.

    You can now register for the 2024/25 winter semester. Please go to for more information.

    Weitere Informationen: For more information, visit the programme's website.


    Illia Kremenenko enjoys the natural beauty of the region.
    Illia Kremenenko enjoys the natural beauty of the region.
    Anna Yukhymchuk

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    Illia Kremenenko enjoys the natural beauty of the region.

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