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28.05.2024 09:30

Call for Application for personnel expansion the editorial board GJESR

Jennifer Franz Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft

    The "German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research" ("Sportwissenschaft") is an internationally recognized publication for the entire spectrum of sport science topics.
    The journal is published jointly by the Federal Institute for Sports Science (BISp), the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the German Society of Sport Science (dvs) by Springer Medizin Verlag (Heidelberg). A board of editors is responsible for the content and quality of the journal.
    Having received an impact factor in 2023, the journal is enjoying a high level of submissions, so the institutional editors have decided to expand the editorial team.

    The editorial board is to be strengthened as of July 1st, 2024.

    The editorial board currently consists of two managing editors-in-chief, who bear central responsibility for the quality of the journal. They are supported by up to seven so-called "Associate Editors", who each take responsibility for one or more content areas from the broad spectrum of sports science (e. g. sports sociology, sports economics, training science, sports education, health, etc.).

    The editorial board currently consists of:

    - Dr. Bettina Wollesen, University of Hamburg
    - Dr. Anne K. Reimers, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg

    "Associate Editors":
    - Prof. Dr. Eric Eils, University of Münster
    - Prof. Dr. Peter Gelius, University of Lausanne
    - Prof. Dr. Bernd Gröben, Bielefeld University
    - Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser-Jovy, Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences
    - Dr. Stefanie Klatt, German Sport University Cologne
    - Dr. Kirsten Legerlotz, Humboldt-University of Berlin
    - Dr. Verena Oesterhelt, Justus Liebig University Gießen
    - Prof. Dr. Gorden Sudeck, University of Tübingen
    - Prof. Dr. Christoph Zinner, Hessian University of Applied Sciences for Public Management & Security

    The editorial board is responsible for the content and quality of the journal. It decides on the acceptance and rejection of submitted manuscripts after an anonymous peer-review. In coordination with the Editors-in-chief, the associate editors organize the entire process of supervising authors and selecting reviewers for their thematic area. This activity is supported by an internet-based editorial system provided by the publishing house. The work of the editorial board is supported by an editorial team.

    The term of office of the members of the Editorial Board ends on March 31, 2027; reappointment is possible. No expense allowances are paid for work on the Editorial Board.

    Up to five positions as "Associate Editors" in the Editorial Board for the journal "German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research" are advertised for the period 01.07.2024 to 31.03.2027.

    Candidates should have a proven track record in a sports science field, but preferably also have knowledge of other areas of sports science. In-depth experience with scientific publications, especially in the segment of international and national peer-reviewed scientific journals, is required. Self-nominations are welcome.

    The members of the editorial board are appointed by the institutional editors of the "German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research" (BISp, DOSB, dvs) in agreement with the publisher.

    Proposals or self-nominations must be sent to the President of the dvs e.V., Prof. Dr. Ansgar Schwirtz, by June 30, 2024 (cut-off date; the date of receipt is decisive):

    German Society of Sport Science (dvs)
    Bei der Neuen Münze 4a, D-22145 Hamburg, Germany
    Phone: (+ 49 40) 67941212, Mobile: (+49 151) 42 444 252,
    Fax: (+ 49 40) 67941213

    In the case of a self-nomination, please enclose a curriculum vitae (CV).


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