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22.07.2021 13:49

Enhanced visibility for conferences, meetings, symposia and workshops

Dr. Sandra Niemeyer Kommunikation und Marketing
Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

    The TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology offers comprehensive services to conference organisers

    HANNOVER, 22 July 2021 – Scientific journals and conference publications can be published open access on the new open-access publishing platform “TIB Open Publishing” ( The service provided by the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology is available for all scientific disciplines.

    The first two conference volumes have now gone online at TIB Open Publishing:

    • “2nd German-West African Conference on Sustainable, Renewable Energy Systems” (SusRES2021) ( is the first volume of the series “TH Wildau Engineering and Natural Sciences Proceedings (TH Wildau ENSP)” in which various proceedings of conferences involving TH Wildau researchers are published
    • “24th International Conference on Business Information Systems” ( (BIS 2021); (conference presentations of BIS 2021 in TIB’s AV-Portal:

    Besides publishing conference proceedings, TIB Open Publishing is also available for the publication of existing and newly launched OA journals, as well as for journals that have switched from a subscription model to OA (journal flipping).

    “Thanks to the launch of TIB Open Publishing, TIB now has its own service for publishing OA journals and conference publications. This is another key pillar of our services to support the transformation to open access. We are now in a position to support editors with specific services for their publication,” stated Dr. Xenia van Edig from TIB Open Publishing.

    TIB provides extensive support to authors and editors seeking to publish their work on TIB Open Publishing. These support measures include: the technical setup of publications on the platform; the semi-automatic production of articles and contributions, and their publication; the addressing of issues related to formal quality criteria and data protection; publication indexing; and Crossref DOI registration.

    Open access by default

    All journals and conference proceedings published by TIB Open Publishing are open access. Authors retain the copyright to their publications, and the published content is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. All content is digitally preserved. Each article or conference paper is allocated its own DOI. Authors can connect to their ORCID account, and the use of the institutional identifier ROR is enabled. The eISSN for each publication is stated on the websites of the publication. Journals and conference publications are selected based on the funding criteria of “Plan S”, the research funding organisations belonging to cOAlition S (“Plan S”). Our quality standards are based not only on the technical implementation guidelines of Plan S, but also on the DOAJ Seal, OASPA membership criteria and COPE guidelines).

    All-round carefree package for conferences

    The open-access publishing platform TIB Open Publishing is just one of TIB’s components for enhancing the visibility of conferences and the results presented there: with its diverse range of services comprising an open-access publishing platform, a video repository (AV-Portal), a conference recording service, and the ConfIDent platform, TIB provides an all-round carefree package for conferences.

    Conference audiences are usually limited to a small group of people from a single scientific community. TIB’s AV-Portal enables speakers to significantly increase their reach by publishing recordings of their presentations or other scientific videos on the portal. In this way, they will be heard by a larger audience and become visible to scholars from other research fields as well as to interested laypersons. In addition, videos are permanently archived, and can be cited and reused. More than 20,000 conference presentations are already available on the AV-Portal.

    Having launched the TIB Conference Recording Service (, TIB is now able to offer conference organisers video recording and production services, the live streaming of conference contributions at scientific or industrial events, and their publication on the AV-Portal.

    ConfIDent ( represents TIB’s next step towards networking the various conference-related services offered by the library. ConfIDent, a project involving the establishment of a service platform for the quality-oriented, collaborative curation of scientific events, enables TIB to provide researchers with reliable and transparent data and workflows. This project is aimed at developing a platform that researchers can use to find out about scientific events such as conferences. In particular, researchers are to be supported in better assessing the quality of scientific events by providing relevant information on the platform.

    “The publication of the BIS conference papers and linking them to the presentation videos in our AV-Portal is a great step forward, demonstrating clearly how these two TIB services are interlinked,” explained Professor Dr. Sören Auer, Director of TIB and co-organiser of BIS 2021.

    Weitere Informationen: – More information about the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology – TIB Open Publishing – TIB’s AV-Portal – TIB ConRec – ConfIDent – Blog posts on TIB Open Publishing

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